Quality and Benefits

With an unlimited number of combinations of colour, structure, and shape of the Capital collection of tiles, you can easily create separate zones in your office space without additional partitions — simply use the visual division created by the tiles from our collection.

Carpet tiles from the Capital collection are available not only in the basic size of 50 × 50, but also in special sizes of 25 × 100, 60 × 60, and 100 × 100, making it even easier to create interesting spaces, visually divide rooms and create zones in your space. Each available pattern will look differently depending on the size, which further increases the number of interesting designs we can create with this collection.

Great choice

We know that silence in office space means much greater comfort and thus greater productivity and well-being. Carpet tiles from the Capital collection can also be manufactured with additional acoustic backing to significantly improve the comfort of your work, which is already very high thanks to our basic features.

The comfort of our collection also increases due to the cleaning and maintenance properties of the tiles. Cleaning is quick and easy because the tiles are highly resistant and retain colour and attractive appearance for a long time, resulting in lower maintenance costs.



Carpet tiles absorb and isolate sound better. They damp and block out noise.

It is easy to replace a single tile if it gets dirty or damaged or when it is necessary to gain access to services in raised floors.

Tiles can be mounted both on raised floors and typical floors.

Less assembly waste, lower installation costs, and shorter installation time. Big savings in investment budgets.

A variety of arrangement options thanks to different colours, structures, and shapes.